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Ron’s Amazing Stories is a weekly podcast that presents stories. You will find Old Time Radio from your favorite shows like Suspense, Dimension X, and Gunsmoke. Do you have a story that you want to tell? We will read it on the show or you can come on tell it yourself! Also, we have interviews with authors, radio personalities, actors and even an NBA all-star. Did you know that we are on the radio? We are live every Saturday evening at 6:00 PM (EST). Click here for more information. We even have a second podcast called The Horror Express. On this show, Jason Dowd and Ron share stories about everything that scares you. So, tune in each week to find out what are… Ron’s Amazing Stories!

Sep 23, 2014

On this episode of the RAS we have cannibals and not of the fine young kind. They don’t want to meet you, they want to eat you. Our story is actually a retelling of the Daniel Defoe classic Robinson Crusoe. It comes from the OTR series Adventure Ahead. This was a brilliant summer feature for 1944. The series comprised of fourteen stirring adventure novels from America's greatest fiction authors. Other stories included:  The talking Drums, The Greenmantle and Inside the FBI. The show was billed as famous stories for young people.  In my opinion they missed the mark on this on an actually created excellent adaptations of classic stories for the elder and child in us all. What you will hear is a condensed version of the Robinson Crusoe story, but it has more than enough meat to make it worth a spin.  The show first aired on September 2, 1944.

Helen James
three and a half years ago

Hey Ron, bet you didn't know this is my favorite book. I love this version of the tale, never heard it before. - Helen