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Ron’s Amazing Stories is a weekly podcast that presents stories. You will find Old Time Radio from your favorite shows like Suspense, Dimension X, and Gunsmoke. Do you have a story that you want to tell? We will read it on the show or you can come on tell it yourself! Also, we have interviews with authors, radio personalities, actors and even an NBA all-star. Did you know that we are on the radio? We are live every Saturday evening at 6:00 PM (EST). Click here for more information. We even have a second podcast called The Horror Express. On this show, Jason Dowd and Ron share stories about everything that scares you. So, tune in each week to find out what are… Ron’s Amazing Stories!

Oct 7, 2014

Are you ready for the second show of the fall spook-fest? So far this month we have had the conductor from The Horror Express host his own show. In my opinion he did an okay job, but it was painfully obvious he has little respect for humankind. This episode promises to be much more human friendly because Sylvia Shultz is here to share some scary, yet highly entertaining stories from her new book, Fractured Spirts

Sylvia Shults is a ghost story addict. She loves them so much she’s written quite a few of her own. She also writes horror fiction and romance, and is the first to admit that there’s a very fine line separating the two. When not behind a keyboard, she can be found out in her garden, wandering the woods, riding her Ducati Monster motorcycle, or happily lost in a book. She lives in Pekin with her husband, two furry German shepherd daughters, two rotten cats, and far too many books.

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