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Ron’s Amazing Stories is a weekly podcast. We play classic short stories, old-time radio and much more. Do you have a story that you want to tell? Ron will read it on the show or you can tell it for yourself! Also, we do interviews with authors, radio personalities, actors and even an NBA all-star

Dec 19, 2019

On Ron’s Amazing Stories this week Slyvia Shults is back with another round of ghost stories. This time they come from her book The Spirits of Christmas: The Dark Side of the Holidays. Also on the program is a story from Rod Sterling (Not The Twilight Zone Guy). Rod tells us about his Grandpa's Ghost visit in December...

Dec 12, 2019

On Ron’s Amazing Stories this time Jason and Ron head back to the Horror Express for a chat about Creepy Pictures, Past Lives, and Ghost Hunting. They answer your questions and Jason tells us about the night he spent in his Great Aunt's 200-year-old manor house. 

Show Note Links: Taken from life: The unsettling art of...

Dec 5, 2019

On Ron’s Amazing Stories this time we have three from you guys! One comes from the Roosevelt Hotel, we have Drama Class Drama, and those Black Eyed Kids are back. Add in a Cuckoo Bird who just might be a murderer, and we end the show with one of my favorite foods. So, grab a beverage and listen to this one.